Why I do this...

When Mosi was diagnosed with terminal cancer in March, 2018 I decided to take a break from all social media and spend as much time as possible with him and his 'brother', Bass, living everyday "in the moment", like dogs do. It was a beautifully, hot summer that year...the kind Mosi, Bass and myself liked to spend outside working in the gardens and hiking with our friends. In that time while making their own dehydrated treats, as I always did, at the time mostly lung and liver, I decided I wanted to be able to provide these healthy treats for my friends, family and coworkers dogs. It started with just paper bags and dollar store, hand written labels. It wasn't long before I started packaging in convenient resealable standup pouches with a company name on a professional label. From there Mosi's Munchies started growing faster than I could've imagined! 

Knowing that eating healthy can be expensive I wanted to provide a natural, healthy treat for other pets that would also be affordable for everyone. 

My pets (2 dogs and 2 cats) have always been fed a species appropriate, all raw and natural diet, so with a slight alteration to Mosi's diet and the addition of cancer fighting vegetables and supplements I believe I've significantly slowed the growth progression of the cancer. After more than 2 years past his prognosis I still treat each day with him as a blessing and a gift.